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Films are lives that can enrich our spiritual world and bring me emotional resonance whether it is a genre film or a literary film because they magnify the invisible and untouchable life pictures vividly. I still remember when I saw the Transformers for the first time, the sophisticated computer special effects presented on the big screen gave me a fantastic visual impact. It was so amazing, and I was wholly shocked by the scene and wanted to do something quite imaginative that nobody had seen before. Since then, I have cultivated a strong interest in this kind of entertaining video: science fiction film, and I look forward to devoting myself to it.

During my undergraduate period, I was fortunate to make friends with many young people who also loved movies, and I gradually saw the feelings they wanted to express through the things they filmed. In addition, on their recommendation, I watched films made by some fantastic directors, such as Love Letter, Manchester by the Sea, Yellow Earth, etc. I found human spiritual treasures in those masterpieces that I couldn't see before. I suddenly realized that I did have a huge crash on literary film. It gave me a kind of feeling that film was like a bottle of water which instilled constantly into my heart. Gradually, films became a source of nourishment for me, not just a simple pastime. Therefore, in my opinion, film is not only an advanced art discipline but also a real life, and I hope I can express my views and feelings through filmmaking.




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